Tips for visitors


The nearest tavern is located about 200 m away from the house towards the hill at the crossroads.

You can find about eight other restaurants in the village of PELEKAS. Distance is 1 km uphill. You can choose amongst restaurants at the entrance to the village, or continue to the left turn up to hill.

When you want to dine in a good family tavern on the shore of the sea, we highly recommend Taverna Marine in the area of Ermones on the shore under the Philoxenia Hotel - 5 km away from Villa Prinos.

Many other great or less good restaurants can be found near the nearest beaches, and of course in Kerkyra. 

Out of high season, some of the restaurants may be closed or opened for a limited time (eg only on weekends). 

For lovers of beautiful views, I recommend the SUNSET restaurant at the top of the hill above the house. When leaving PELEKAS, keep to the right uphill. The path will take you to the parking lot at the restaurant. There is a beautiful view of the sea (which is 200 m below the restaurant) from the terrace of the restaurant. When visiting this place, we recommend climbing the Kaiser Throne rock with a magnificent view of the centre of part of the island


The nearest shops with all kinds of goods are in Pelekas. We recommend shopping in supermarkets on the road to the capital, where there is a wide selection of food and fresh vegetables and fruits. On the first floor, which usually leads to a staircase at the back of the grocery store, you will also find other necessary goods.

CORFU TOWN / KERKYRA (Greek name) 

The best way to get to the capital is by using the new road from Pelekas.

Turn right uphill from the house and turn left onto the main road at the nearest crossroads. After about 3 km you will take another main road. Turn there to the right and on the main street, which you use to continue to Kerkyra, there are various shops including a pharmacy. 

As you continue, you are approaching the capital. You have few options for entering the city. 

It is very difficult to park in the city during the day and in the evening, especially with a large car. The best chance is at Eletherias Square (a square with a cricket field!!) near the old fortress. There is the old Venetian part of town with many shops within the reach (gold, leather goods, souvenirs-as in all tourist centres of the Greek islands).

There on the square are also many restaurants. However, we recommend to continu with walk a few tens of meters through the alleys and then to the left uphill to the old town hall and the Catholic Cathedral, where there are restaurants on a quiet square with pleasant seating. On the way to a small square with banks, you may pass a bronze statue of a young man on the left. This is a boy who burned himself in Genoa in 1970, following the example of Jan Palach, in protest against the military government in Greece.


On the west coast, you will find beaches in virtually each of the countless bays. Some are sandy, others pebble.

Near the house is the nearest beach Pelekas (about 2 km away). You will get to it uphill by road in the direction of Pelekas and in a sharp right turn you will continue straight on narrow road.

The other beaches Glifada, Ermones, and Mirtiotissa are located north of Pelekas beach More beaches can be towards the north or south of the west coast of the island.


There is a magnificent water park ca 6 km away from the house. You can get to it when you turn left on the road downhills from the house and at all other junctions, you will always continue to the right. Aqualand with parking is on your right.


Turn left from the house and drive downhills, and after about 800 m turn left again to the main direction ERMONES. After 3 km at the end of the village behind the bridge, turn right following the stream. There is a golf course. 


The nearest ATM is at the entrance to Aqualand. Many more can be found near the banks, especially in the centre of Kerkyra.


On the island of Corfu, guests can visit many interesting places; based on our own experience, we recommend that two points of interest be included in the programme:

  • as a work of human hands, the Château Achillion - the residence of the Austrian Empress Sisi with its beautiful garden is located about 10 km from Villa Prinos
  • from the history of Corfu visit to the Monastery in Paleokastrica - 21 km north of villa
  • as a work of nature Mount Pantokrator - the highest mountain in Corfu (906m above sea level) with a magnificent view - the car takes you from the north side almost to the top (the journey itself is an unforgettable experience)

Mapa Korfu 

1 - Airport Kerkyra

2 - Port Kerkyra

3 - Villa Prinos

4 - Pelekas Beach

5 - Glyfada Beach

6 - Myrtiotissa Beach

7 - Waterland / Aqualand

8 - Achilleion

9 - Tavern Marina

10 - Corfu Golf Club