Road to Corfu


Charter flights can be used for direct air connections in the high season, which lasts from the beginning of June to the end of September.  

Also, regular flights with a transfer in Athens can be used all season. 

In the case of air travel, TEON TRAVEL offers the possibility to arrange a car or motorbike rental. 


There are two options for two-day journey by car - either a more comfortable but significantly more expensive journey through Italy and a ferry to Greece, or a longer but significantly cheaper journey through Hungary, Serbia, and Macedonia.

Ferry journey from Italy

You can use four ports on the east coast of Italy to take a ferry to Greece (approximate distance from Prague in brackets):

Venice (930 km from Prague) - the journey takes about 26 hours and sometimes you can sail directly to Corfu; an extraordinary experience is the views from the ferry deck to the streets of Venice

Ancona (1,150 km from Prague) - the journey takes about 16 hours, the ship lands in the Greek mainland port of Igoumenitsa,

Bari (1,480 km from Prague) - the connection every day via Igoumenitsa (in the high season some connections stop in Corfu) takes 9½ hours also in the Igoumenitsa

Brindisi (1,600 km from Prague) - The shipping takes 7 hours, connection to Corfu under the same conditions as from Ancona and Bari

From Igoumenitsa followed by a short two-hour ferry to Corfu (runs about every 2 -3 hours)

Boats from Venice and Ancona leave in the afternoon and sail overnight. It is possible to order cabins on the ship - the price depends on the type of cabin (external or internal without windows), or order comfortable "air seats" or buy only a boarding pass and spend the night somewhere "in a sleeping bag". Transportation is provided by several companies; the prices are similar. The prices of return tickets for a family of four with a car depending on the season and the chosen way of staying on the boat (sleeping in a chair or a cabin). The most expensive is the ferry from Venice, the prices from the other ports listed above gradually falling It is recommended to buy a return ticket from the same company (even if to another port), as return tickets have a significant discount.

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The road through the Balkan states (1,840 km from Prague)

We recommend dividing this trip into two parts with accommodation in Serbia. When travelling to Greece, we recommend overnight accommodation just outside Belgrade (about 1,100 km from Prague) - a large selection of excellent hotels is in the town of JAGODINA, on the way back again to Belgrade in Novi Sad (ferry + 700 km).

Almost the entire route from Prague, except for two short long sections, leads along the motorway via Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia (passage by the Belgrade Municipality or the unfinished bypass of Belgrade towards Niš), and Macedonia to Greece. There in Greece you will find a beautiful journey west along the newly built highway through the Greek mountains to the port of Igoumenitsa. Then, after a ferry ride less than 2 hours, you will finally get to the port of the capital of Corfu, Kerkyra. After disembarking, the journey to Villa Prinos is only about 30 minutes away.

One trip tolls are a total of about 50 EUR, accommodation for a family of four in a comfortable hotel about 60 EUR, and a ferry about 80 EUR (we recommend buying two way tickets - saving about 40%)

TEON TRAVEL can provide e-vignette for transit through Slovakia and Hungary and order accommodation in Serbia. Of course, we will also provide you with travel advice (method of payment of tolls in Serbia and Macedonia, information on border check-in, etc.)